Welcome to RBC Medical Innovations

Since 1994, RBC Medical Innovations has partnered with early-stage and Fortune 100 clients to transform their vision into medical devices that are delivered to market on target, on time and on budget.  We have the available resources, capabilities, certifications and tools to design, develop, and manufacture your FDA PMA / 510(k) or CE marking product. Call us today at 913-385-5700

Your Vision Into Focus

When you entrust your product development vision to us...we promise we'll design, develop, validate, verify, and produce the custom solution that transforms your vision into a commercial medical device that is delivered to market on target, on time, and on budget.

Contract Manufacturing

We are ISO 13485 | ISO 9001 certified, FDA registered and have the available resources and capabilities to provide quality controlled commercial contract manufacturing solutions for your FDA PMA / 510(k) or CE marking medical devices as well as life science products.

AdvantageRF Demo Days

AdvantageRF Demo Days | an interactive opportunity to experiment with a proven RFG, start the initial development of your potential treatment profiles, and discuss novel design pathways for optimizing time to market with our RF medical device development team.